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Wembley on a Wednesday

Good morning, olgeta!
Once I arrived at the office, it all started. There was no let-up till
after ten o'clock when I finally set off, exhausted, for Wembley.
Along with far more passengers than I expected, I hurried from
Marylebone Bakerloo to the mainline to catch the northbound train.
Just made it. Won't say anything about the hotel here: I'm still in
discussions with the manager.
Tuesday was a relatively quieter day, though I was alarmed by the
realisation that the thought "at least I can leave early tonight" as I
was packing up came at half past six.
This morning, a stupidly overcrowded train as a result of a mech
failure meaning only two cars instead of four. Yes, we did get an
apology. Now, on to Bishopsgate.
The word from home is that Christopher is still as well as might be
expected. Matthew is still off to school till the end of the week.
David is still in Vancouver, unless he has headed off to Rockridge by
Viv is in Keswick, and will be back to Wirral mid-afternoon as far as
I know. And Betty is keeping an eye on what's happening.
I phoned Matthew this morning: "ah, so you've called to harass me
too?" Sorry. It shows we care, I suppose.

This just in: +Rowan apologises that Christianity is offensive to
Muslims. I suppose that nobody worries that Islam is offensive to me.
That's the problem with discrimination. Nobody takes it seriously if
it's against a white, Christian, heterosexual male. I suppose I'll
have to "get over it". One rule for you, one rule for me.
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