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Live from Northampton

It's about one week in three, it seems, that we are diverted onto the
Northampton line because of signalling issues and today is one of
those days. On the plus side, the music channels are working; on the
other side, there's no power to the credit card and receipt printer in
the buffet or the power points at the seats.
Home at a decent time on Friday night. Some shopping...actually quite
a lot of shopping...on Saturday. Sunday morning and it was the
ordinary service. In the afternoon, it was a farewell to Darren and
Sharon on the rectory lawn. It's being rehabilitated as a place for
events. Maybe we'll even see the return of the Rectory Garden Party?
Christopher went along to the farewell and seemed to enjoy it, though
tiredness does seem to be the way at the moment, but I seem to be not
much different myself.
Another day at the Bank today. But with the Northampton detour it
won't be a ten o'clock start today. Perhaps half past.
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