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Yes, it's me again

Viv met me in Chester on Friday night and we went home. A fairly quiet
night. Saturday morning over to Liverpool, where it was Viv's turn to
give blood. And on the way home, off to the Co-op for a trip which
proved only a limited success: no streaky bacon at all, no
semi-skimmed milk except in tiny cartons. In the afternoon, we took a
leisurely walk to look at furniture, where we discovered that Viv's
ideal sofa has nothing in common with my or Chris's ideal sofa. But we
did get a takeaway curry.
I had finished writing my sermon in the afternoon and delivered it at
the 10.30 service. 2 Kings 4:18-37. An ideal choice: the death of a
son. Yet, difficult as it was, it was well received by many and more
people thanked me than I remember doing in the past. I'll post a copy
of it shortly. Salmon for lunch, a snooze in the afternoon and then
off to the evening service.
All the time, people are asking how Christopher is and it's hard to
answer. The answer is that he is responding very well to the treatment
but he has good days and bad days, and there are other details not for
By now, I'm on my way to Crewe and London. That is all.
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