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What a magnificent show

What a magnificent show. The sound system was less than perfect,
however, and finding myself at the very front didn't help things. But
it was all a very thrilling show, but quite different in feel from the
Royal Court (Liverpool, 1984?) and the Odeon (Birmingham, 1986?)
though the music was largely the same. 68 Guns live is still something
very special, though a lot of the others were great too. Where were
you hiding when the storm broke? Spirit of '76. That's enough to make
it worth the price.
On the other hand, it wasn't worth losing my hearing for, so I
fervently hope and pray that my somewhat impaired hearing is largely
recovered by the morning.
For the benefit of anyone wondering, tonight's evening meal was a 12"
reggae reggae chicken sub.
But for now, it's a free trip from Oxford Circus to Wembley Stadium
via Marylebone.
While we were in Brussels in March, we walked down a major and famous
shopping street late at night and remarked how quiet it was. Viv said
it would be the same walking down Oxford Street late at night and
tonight I am able to confirm that this is indeed true.
It has been a long day and I don't think I will need much rocking
tonight. Goodnight, children, wherever you are.
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