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Lifts / Elevators / Ascenseurs

From my extreme youth, I remember a little storybook called Jade
Tales. One of the stories was about a little girl's adventures in a
rogue lift.
Why can't people undertand how they work? Outside a lift/elevator,
there are usually two buttons, one for up and one for down. When it
arrives at a floor, there's a sign to show which way it is going. Yet
it seems this is beyond too many people.
Last week, I got into a lift where a couple of people were already
waiting. I wanted the 9th floor, but the 9 was already lit. Another
passenger got in, said "9 please" and someone pushed the 8 button.
On two floors on the way up, people got in and seemed very surprised
when the lift continued to go up. And of course we also stopped on the
8th floor for no good reason.
I thought this was my worst journey of the week, but no. The next
evening, I got into an empty lift from which a mother and daughter
(probably) had just emerged. Every floor button had been pushed, so I
stopped on every floor to 9. The top floor there is 10. Not good.
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