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Port Erin

Won another £40 last night. This morning, up quite early again and
after breakfast we took a horse tram to the other end of Douglas
before finding the steam train south to Castletown. The train was
pretty packed as we went through the rain. Castletown had the castle,
Castle Rushen, to offer. So we explored the castle quite thoroughly in
the rain, taking the advantage of the stairs to go up to the highest
point, looking also at all the rooms of the medieval castle and
reading what the rooms were used for. But it was very wet.
Then off to Port Erin on a later train. It was still raining. So we
went for a lunch at the Falcons Hotel before having a look at the
beach and out at Bradda Head. I remember it from my extreme youth when
my mum wouldn't walk up to Bradda Head because it was too far, thiugh
her step-father quite cheerfully did walk there. Today, we might have
walked up there if the weather had been fit, but it wasn't. So instead
we walked a little bit on the beach before taking refuge in a little
coffee shop. The coffee shop owner gave us a lift back to the station
in the rain...
Now, we're on the train back north which has just started. Next stop:
Port St Mary. Current music: Christopher playing CdeB's Crusader on
his phone.
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