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Live fron *Manchester Airport*

Network Rail have once again driven me away from the station to the
airport. I hope they are very proud of themselves.
For a Friday night before a holiday, the journey home wasn't bad. I
got a space in Coach G from Rugby and Viv met me at Chester. Blood on
the Tracks supplied the soundtrack for the journey.
A quiet Saturday, except for some tidying up and some forms for David,
now returned from Canada but preparing for the exciting world of
Chemical Physics at Sheffield University.
Sunday, a service I was leading in the morning. Then lunch, a relaxed
afternoon, an evening service and a relaxed evening.
Monday: the man from Virgin came and replaced our cable box. Thank
goodness we didn't want to watch anything over the last couple of
weeks. Such as the Olympics.
Then off to Alder Hey. Nobody is sure why a blood test for Christopher
was scheduled for a public holiday, but we got there and he had it.
The rest of Monday was quiet. Perhaps we did do what the public
advisers had warned about: nothing. But I think it was what we needed.
And now, thanks to Network Rail, I'm waiting for my flight to be
called. That is all.
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