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St Giles Day, not far from Sheldon

I'm really not sure I quite recovered from the fire evacuation on
Wednesday morning. The rest of the week progressed much as weeks do. I
have some sort of routine most weeks, but it was slightly disrupted by
the short week. On the other hand, Tuesday night still had its
Toastmasters meeting, while the lunchtime meetings on Wednesday and
Thursday continued as usual too.
On Friday it looked as if I might have been able to leave early, but a
few things happened on Friday evening to delay me, so that I didn't
get out till about twenty past five.
Despite someone at Liverpool Street walking, nay, dawdling, down the
middle of a staircase to the Metro Line, I still just managed to catch
the 17.45 to Lime Street by a whisker. Viv and I went out for a quick
meal after that, and a late night ensued.
Matthew had no birthday party this year, so he wanted one this
weekend. We weren't happy at the thought, being exhausted and all, so
we agreed subject to some conditions: only about twenty people,
everyone out by half past eleven. It wasn't too bad. David and
Christopher stayed in the dining room playing games on the new
computer; Viv and I hid in the bedroom, emerging to keep an eye on
proceedings and to make coffee or get more milk to add to the Tia
Just before half past eleven, just about everyone left! Most were in
private cars, some in taxis, some on foot towards the station.
Unfortunately, Matthew's best mate, let's call him F, stayed behind to
look after the girl with him, who'll be called B, who was tired and
emotional in the extreme. By the time she had stopped being overcome
and was fit for a taxi, it was well after one o'clock. In one sense,
we might as well not have bothered with a curfew for the event, as it
was still far too late. F was evidently very embarrassed by the whole
thing, and I don't think that B can look forward to being upgraded
from "someone I'm seeing" to "girlfriend" any time soon.
Less debris in the house and on the road than after his last party.
Did you know that slugs that climb into beer cans and drink themselves
to death swell up and turn orange? Never mind...
Sunday morning: Bible Society Sunday. I must say I had never realised
fully that they do not do any translation work: they publish and
distribute the finished product.
Lunch at Betty's; a combination of a few late nights and a big glass
of wine meant that I may have nodded off for a moment or two. Unlike
B, I was not comatose and didn't pollute my environment.
Sunday night: another winner from +Colin. Disappointing music.
Tea and chat afterwards as usual. I think Viv is going off for tea
tonight with somebody, but I'm more looking forward to going off for a
curry or similar with mike2sheds tomorrow night.
An early start this morning to catch trains to Chester and Crewe. Then
the express to London again takes the long route via Coventry. On the
other hand, this takes us very close to St Giles Church in Sheldon,
where I went to church when I lived in Sheldon, and where I was first
licenced as a Reader. And today is St Giles Day, their patronal
In years gone by, we climbed the tower over the festival weekend,
taking in the views around. You could see the place I worked, nearly
see where I lived and notice how close the airport was. Why did they
build the church so close to the airport and the A45?
I remember September 1989, when we took David, two months, up the
tower. Later, we saw one of our church leaders, Lydia, who was very
pleased to tell us she'd been up the tower. We said we had been too,
with David. Yes, but Lydia told us she was older than all of us put
And now, on a bright St Giles morning, I'm just south of Bletchley,
looking to another week in the big City, working for the Bank. Without
Network Rail's line closures ("disruptive possessions" as NR call
them) I'd be nearly there by now.
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