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09:52 am: Sunday
Apart from just missing TWO connections on the way home on Friday, it
wasn't a bad journey. Oh, and a dodgy sandwich at Crewe.
This made me a bit poorly for most of Saturday, but not enough to stop
me preparing the sermon which I'm just on my way to Townfield to
Christopher seems to be in good shape, on the other hand, well able to
annoy anyone who gets in his way.
Matthew was out and back a couple of times yesterday, bringing along a
friend who managed to fall and break his nose. He didn't look too bad,
but pointed out that he's on anti-infammatories at the moment. This
also means no alcohol, so he probably won't fall over again for a
No such limits for me on Thursday night: the best attended farewell
party I have been to since joining the Bank. That was a special event
and no mistake.
I can tell you: winter is nearly upon us. Cold, dull, dreary.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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