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Chester Station

After arrival at Euston, it was off to Bishopsgate as usual. This
month shows some signs of being more relaxed than last, but there is
always the possibility that this may not continue to be the case.
After work, off to Kensington, where I haven't stayed for a while. The
lounge still offers free drinks to threaten the liver, but after a
while I went back to my room for the night.
Up early today, along Holland Park Road to the station and then to work.
I left after three o'clock for the round trip journey home for the
Parochial Church Council. As ever, I won't know if it was worthwhile
until after the meeting, by which time it is too late.
However, it is always good to spend another night with Viv, Matthew
and Christopher, so I hope the meeting doesn't go on too long. The
downside, of course, is another stupidly early start tomorrow morning.
But for now, the local train is about to leave Chester. That is all.
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