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Just south of Chester

Last night, the time from the office to Bromborough was 3h 39m, which
isn't bad at all. It could have been faster, but for sheep on the line
near Milton Keynes, to which the obvious remark is "the wrong sort of
Viv met me at Bromborough and we went to have a bite to eat before I
went off to Church Council and she went off to choir practice.
Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat and the practices for
the carol service have started.
Yes, it was worth coming home for. Christopher is much brighter,
though this won't last as he will be having more poisons pumped into
him on Friday.

Response to earlier comment about public transport. Mrs T apparently
said that anyone who found themselves on a bus after the age of
25/30/whatever could consider himself a failure. As CD noted, the
acceptability of calling anyone a failure is doubtful, but it
illustrated her view. However, that wasn't my point.
Mrs T had a personal dislike of trains and in the midst of IRA attacks
was discouraged from using them because she was an obvious target and
trains are too predictable. But it seems that her dislike of trains
would spill over into Government policy, resulting in minimal or
negative investment in rail, putting her in the company of many
politicians, including but not limited to Beeching, Serpell, Castle
and many others to this day. Despite the environmental benefits of
rail over road and short haul air, rail still gets less and has in the
last weeks had to endure a new round of cuts.
Meanwhile, the full fare from Chester to London is £93.50, an
astonishing amount when compared with the cost of driving. Although
the capacity on the line is scheduled to be greatly increased with the
commissioning of the improved West Coast Main Line next month, I don't
expect the fares to fall.
The news that it will now be possible to use the WCML to travel from
London to Manchester in under two hours is a major triumph, but only
of limited use to those who neither work, rest nor play in Manchester.
And I read somewhere the suggestion that many in the South perceive
Manchester to be the only worthwhile northern city. What of Liverpool,
Leeds, Lancaster, just to pick on Ls, or Newcastle, York, Chester,
Carlisle, Durham...

But this is Crewe station where I now find myself. The train will
leave here at 07.48 as regular readers will know. May there be no
sheep on the line!

I don't know the short code for "current music", but I'm listening to
"Street Legal" by Bob Dylan.
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