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07:56 am: Crewe
It has been a busy week including a busy weekend without a doubt. But
as to what has been happening here, that is another story.
Here is another week, and it seems like there is no let-up at all.
It's all further complicated by the weather being so cold. I haven't
seen any snow yet this weekend, but Matthew tells me it was snowing in
Liverpool at 4 o'clock yesterday morning. I don't want to know. Now on
the way out of Crewe. The thousand giggling ladies pulling pink
suitcases are, thankfully, in a different carriage. I don't want to
know about that either.
Summary of the evenings of the week just gone as I recall.
Monday - worked late
Tuesday - worked late
Wednesday - had meal and talk with John G
Thursday - worked late
Friday - went home

Current Mood: tiredtired
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