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04:11 pm: Lazy Sunday afternoon
After the trials and tribulations of an overbusy week, I left London
on Friday night to get home about 10.30pm. There had been unhappiness
at Bromborough station earlier in the evening.
Saturday morning, I went to pick up a parcel from New Ferry depot,
while David went off to buy some shoes, as he had left his good shoes
in Sheffield.
Then we reconvened to go off to Mark and Kat's wedding. This was a
wonderful celebration of two young people who now set off on a life
In the evening, we all went off to their evening reception, but
because we were all tired and Christopher was quite sick, we didn't
stay late. Nevertheless, we were all very happy to have gone there.
Christopher had chemotherapy of epic proportions on Thursday, so
feeling sick on Saturday was not really a surprise. He felt so much
better today. Steak cooked at home for lunch, so different to
struggling with a slice of bread yesterday.
In the morning, a service led by me, with Philip preaching. And now,
rather reluctantly, on a train to Chester en route to London.
Sometimes, deadlines are not movable.
So this hasn't been the best weekend for us in some days, but in other
ways, it's been rather pleasant, especially the wedding. On the whole,
I would rather be at my house tonight, rather than travelling to
London to do probably almost a full day's work at the end of the day!
And after that, five more.
Just south of Tamworth. It is getting cold. And dark. And the clouds
look very menacing. That is all.

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Date:December 14th, 2008 09:42 pm (UTC)
There had been unhappiness
at Bromborough station earlier in the evening.

I think I know what you mean. I always wonder what the story is behind these 'incidents' as London transport used to call them before calling them straight as they are. What for us is an inconvenience of varying magnitudes is something so sad and profound for somebody else yet we seldom ever know anything more, nor would it help. Life slips by... and all that.

I feel for you travelling through the dark, towards a hotel in London, away from your family when more than anything I suspect you'd rather be at home. I was thinking today, as I sanded walls and skirting boards, how seldom any of us really talk on LJ about the important things in our lives, in anything more than a passing superficial way on. So, travel well this night and have a good week in London and may things at home be peaceful and well this coming week.
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