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The last few days

Day has followed day in an exhausting manner over the past month or
so. It has been a very busy time at the bank for a variety of reasons,
while the weekends have also filled up.
It has been impossible to find time to do stuff during the day while
in the evenings it's been either a late night working or else an early
night caused by tiredness. Last Sunday didn't help: after the service,
straight off to London for what was basically another full day. This
week will not be like that, I hope.
Saturday: shopping in Birkenhead in the morning. In the afternoon, off
to Bromborough with Christopher. He is so much better than last
weekend. We went to Comet and bought...a mini-fridge. Well, it's not
so mini. I'm still not clear why a 14yo wants his own fridge. To keep
Coca-Cola cool? To keep his chemotherapy medication cool? To prepare
for college life early?
In any case, that's one of the things he's getting...
And as the dawn breaks over Cheshire, it's time to post this and go
back to sleep. This is the new 07.35 from Holyhead and Wrexham to
London Euston via Chester. I'll let you know later if it's any good.
It does mean a slightly later start on a Monday, and that can't be
Current music: Bob Dylan's Street Legal
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