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Christmas Eve

This was posted by phone on Christmas Eve but failed to arrive here

It has been a remarkable year, but I'm not sure now is the time to
renew it. I'm very happy to back home for Christmas, after taking a
new route home: Euston-Warrington-Chester-Bromborough.
The new timetable following the works does seem to be making the
trains noticeably faster.
Home for a little while, but now off to the service at Townfield.
After that, some unstructured time before the eleven o'clock service.
Even though it should be quiet this week, it has still been
astonishingly busy at work, and I think the three days next week will
be no better.
I have found that Amazon is a brilliant way to do Christmas shopping.
In fact, most of what I buy is bought online. I think that the only
major things I still buy in shops are clothes/shoes. I also buy food
for immediate consumption at places like BK, McD, Pret, KFC and even
some real eating places...though even then, a lot of it is done
online. Rail tickets, air tickets, hotel accommodation: online. And
2009 will be more of the same.
As a completely different thought, how good to be back at home while
it was still light! And how different from this morning, when my
wake-up alarm didn't sound. Oh dear.
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