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08:08 am: A happy new year
A quick check reveals it has been a week since a posting of value.
Monday to Wednesday were still quite busy workdays, though not quite
at the frenetic pace of the week before.
The opportunity to stay upmarket at lower prices was very welcome as I
went off to the really rather splendid place at Canary Wharf.
A straightforward trip home on Wednesday afternoon. Viv met me and we
went off to a friend's place for her birthday before going home and
having a lazy evening before going to another friend's place for a
fairly quiet New Year celebration. It was snowing a little.
New Year's Day and Betty came to visit us for lunch. We played games
in the afternoon, if I've got the right day. I think that was the day
I successfully mined $1m of tin. But that's the object of the game.
Friday. Not much. A deliberately quiet day. David and I went to the
bank while Viv and Christopher went to the hospital...
Don't remember much else about it. I think that might have been the
day we all ended up playing computer Monopoly. Saturday was a trip
into town to give blood. Viv and I gave quite happily. It was David's
first time and I think he learnt a lot from the experience.
Then we had lunch and bought him a coat with some money he had been
given for Christmas for that purpose.
In the background in the evening was the 100 best adverts programme. I
wrote the sermon for Sunday morning while that was on. We were looking
for something that wouldn't distract me and that was ideal...
Sunday morning. Delivery of the same sermon. A disappointly small
congregation and a freezing church. The same at the other two
services. I think the combination of the end of the holidays and the
poor weather will have put many off.
Lunch at the Merebrook. Betty joined us. It was another relaxing afternoon.
And an early start this morning. I'm on the train to Euston, which
should be an adventure in itself.
The plane crash that blocked services near Stafford on Friday has now
been sorted. The overhead cable issue near Watford may not have been,
but the announcement on board didn't give any clue of a problem. Wait
and see... though I would not expect a great amount of trouble if the
line is clear, as this train is diesel-powered.
Dawn is breaking over the frosty Cheshire countryside.
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Date:January 5th, 2009 10:40 am (UTC)
When you give a sermon, do you look at the people? And do your sermons reflect the Gospel of the day? And do you try to bring meaning of that to people's lives? And do you have an average length of sermon? And do you enjoy speaking to the congregation? And do you mind these questions, it's just, well, I'm curious as to how you might go about it all...
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