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03:05 pm: Passing through Stafford again
A busy week since the last time I wrote here, with late nights both at
work and at home. Once again, it's not the right forum to talk about
work issues here, so I won't do so.
For my own records, I need to note that Viv, David and I all gave
blood on 3 Jan 2009.
Monday last week has already been touched on here, but there is really
little to add. Leaving earlyish on Tuesday both too and from work,
deciding to take it easy on Tuesday and maybe see a movie or a show on
Wed or Thu. Bad mistake: those were two late working nights. Didn't
get back to Wembley till after midnight on Wed night/Thu night.
Saturday we went to Birkenhead. I had to certify someone's identity
and after that we did a load of shopping.

Dawn, though a more dismal one than last week. Another week of the
same, though punctuated by a trip home on Tuesday for the church
council meeting.

That's about it for now.

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Date:January 14th, 2009 10:45 am (UTC)


I hope you don't have to fit in so many late nights at work this week, especially with the extra set of travelling too. Take Care!
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