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Another week

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all busy days at work, but not
unduly so. Out of the office at reasonable hours, with not much
happening in the evening.
Friday night started promisingly, as I caught the 18.10 out of Euston.
Just sitting quietly listening to music and using my laptop, it
vaguely occurred to me that we weren't moving. To make a long story
short, using TfL's euphemism, there was a person under a train on the
train in front of mine. So we had to wait till they got a replacement
driver and the police were satisfied. We then travelled south past
Leighton Buzzard to switch to the other line and get up to Milton
Keynes and then on to Crewe, where my train terminated. Change at
Crewe for Chester. It was raining in Chester, where I gave up and
caught a taxi. Back home 00.15.
Saturday, off to Liverpool to see David off on his way back to
Sheffield. That ran very smoothly. Viv wanted to go
somewhere/anywhere, so we went to New Ferry to look at the Mersey
coast there. I didn't know the Great Eastern had closed, though by the
look of it, it's been closed fpr years. It looks like it was a
magnificent place in its heyday.
Then Viv went off to Messy Church and I went home. MC is a monthly
pre-schooler friendly church event/service/activity/meal.
Saturday evening was quite quiet.
Sunday morning the usual service followed by a farewell lunch for Mark
and Kat, who are now worshipping at Kat's church. I don't think by any
means that we have seen the last of them.
Then home before going back there for the evening.
An early morning start today as every Monday. Probably a
straightforward journey, as I am already south of Watford without
incident. That is all.
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