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10:29 am: Good morning
It's been a while since I wrote directly here. Viv and I are both
trying out Twitter, which enables short posts up to 140 characters
from anywhere. Loudtwitter is another tool which consolidates them
into a daily LJ post. I don't think it will replace the occasional LJ
We woke up, as expected, to snow this morning. Snow in Wirral usually
means the rest of the country is pretty much hammered by it and it
does seem like that today. Talk of 15cm in London tonight.
Solid snow as far as Rugby, where we are just arriving, with
suggestions that the Tube is worse affected.
White and bleak. That's today's assessment.

Current Mood: coldcold


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Date:February 4th, 2009 10:06 am (UTC)
I think Twitter might be fun and easy to manage for the Twitterer, but vastly inferior to reading what were 'posts' with perhaps something to discuss in LJ. I have to admit I find it's like reading someone's diary for the day and I feel like I'm intruding!!!

I do hope you guys keep warm over there. It sounds very chilly.
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