Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tweets for Today

  • 08:39 Good morning! Happy Valentine's Day. I'm won't be sending or receiving any cards. But tonight Viv and I attack some chocolate and champagne. #
  • 09:37 Along the A41 as we head towards the old tunnel on our way to Alder Hey. Interesting conversations on the way. #
  • 11:04 Well, that's it from Alder Hey for now. Back home in a few minutes, once Chris has finished his video game. #
  • 14:17 @tobyho maybe it's a disturbingly real nightmare about the end of the world - but to be honest I never really thought about what it *meant*! #
  • 14:18 @vivhalliday I'm sure you meant Cape Reinga. Or were you just Bluffing? #
  • 16:36 @tobyho Loved his stuff since the 80s. His lyrics show insight I can't begin to compete with. & my iPod doesn't have room for anything else. #
  • 19:55 Drinking champagne and watching "The Man Who Lost His Head", which arrived this morning all the way from Aotearoa. (The DVD, not the fizz!) #
  • 22:40 @LibbyHiggins I see you're getting into it! Each tweet answers the question "What are you doing", so "I have made..." is better than "Ha ... #
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