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05:09 am: Tweets for Today
  • 07:04 Force a change in legislation to make a legal contract void and you will prove that Britain is now a banana republic without respect for law #
  • 08:04 Front of train: 0715 Chester to Euston (but without Coach K!). Rear of train 0626 Chester to Euston. Now at Crewe, awaiting the police. #
  • 08:53 @br3nda No, they didn't come for me this time. Just for the people who would neither move carriages nor pay for a 1st class upgrade. Coach K #
  • 09:05 Calling at Nuneaton and Rugby and *terminating* at Milton Keynes... connecting service to Euston. Clearly audible gasps when this announced! #
  • 09:30 Now on the 0923 from Rugby to Euston. And the passengers who were already on it don't know what hit them! #
  • 10:13 Final approach to London Euston, and not a moment too soon. Please spare a thought for those who left Holyhead before 5 o'clock this morning #
  • 18:34 Thank goodness Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith are not as barmy as Harriet Harman. It would be a dark day for democracy/freedom if they were. #
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Date:March 3rd, 2009 09:46 am (UTC)
I was incredulous at Harriet's statement. I find the whole thing utterly offensive. It's offensive that such deals are negotiated in the first place. As i understand it the pension deal was written in long ago in that if they screw up and have to leave they can get their pension at 50. As I wrote the other day, such a deal is abhorant. However, that was the deal. Even more abhorant is the backtracking over it, the political hysterics manoeuvring over it and the idea that the law should be changed to claw the money back. What happened is no more than has gone on in this industry for longer than I care to guess.
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