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A real LJ entry

Good morning, it's been a while. Almost every day, LJ readers will
have seen twitter's tweets, up to 140 characters, mostly from trains
or walking up and down Bishopsgate.
There's a lot more to life than that, but I'm either too busy doing
things to write about them, or too tired to write about them, or they
relate to work or non-work things that I don't want to write about to
a relatively puiblic audience.
Friends from three countries where we have lived and others where we
haven't, face-to-face and online. Former and present work colleagues.
Church members and leaders past and present. Acquaintances of mine and
of Viv. LJ members and non-members. Immediate and extended family
members. Have I missed your demographic?
So that's why a lot of the things I write here are general. Same at Twitter.
Yesterday was a special day, though poissibly I don't want to say too
much here either. Christopher's 15th birthday. We went to church in
the morning as usual after he opened some presents. No compalaints
there. Then after church to the local steak pub for lunch. Yet
yesterday could so easily have been very different, after his
diagnosis with leukaemia in May last year and the extensive and
troublesome treatment he has endured since, with still more than two
years to go.
Along with Chris's treatment, we have seen David go off to university
while I have been working in the City for a major bank through the
worst financial downturn since...when? Perhaps the 1920s or perhaps
since the foundation of the B of E more than 300 years ago? Or longer
than that? I know I'm pleased still to be receiving money for it, even
if I can't get any interest on it.
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