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Sunday morning is upon us again.

Yesterday was spent doing...well, not much in the morning. The day took some considerable time to get going. But by the afternoon, we were tidying up the CDs and putting them in a new rack we had bought at The Warehouse. We also bought some chocolates, a ball for a birthday party present and a copy of The Towering Inferno, my second favourite film of all time, which was available at a special price of $9.99 (about US5 or GBP3). This gave me something to do in the evening. The boys watched the first half of it with me they went off to bed. I'm not entirely convinced by the plausibility of the ending, which I won't discuss in case there is anyone who has never seen it. But at the end the fire chief states that one day there will be a fire in a skyscraper which will claim thousands of lives.
The reason the boys didn't watch the whole of the film was that they need to be up and ready for a triathlon this morning. This involves bicycle riding, running and swimming. No, not the same as a real pentathlon, heptathlon, decathlon or even biathlon (my favorite). David has set off with Viv and his bike - the rest of us will be collected shortly.
Viv was out to dinner last night - apparently the school caretaker was retiring. I don't know him at all, so I didn't go.
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