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Raging tempest

We set off and went to the Hutt Rec for the triathlon, which went well at first. The year 1 and 2 boys and girls were first. It's interesting to speculate as to why it is that the boys were so much more competent at running and cycling.
Years 3 and 4 were next up, with Christopher running, biking and running. As soon as he had finished, however, I head to take him to a birthday party and go off to church myself. Andrew was preaching and presiding this morning, but the most inspiring part of the service was the youth band, who led the songs during and after communion.
Our family was supposed to be doing "hot bread tidy", which involves setting up the lunch and washing the dishes afterwards. However, I received a message from Viv about the weather lower down the valley...a storm which was lightly drizzling on Upper Hutt was much worse further down, where there was wind, hail, sleet and other ugly weather. The two older boys, who were supposed to be cycling home, were drenched when I found them about half way back. So I picked them up, took them home and then fetched Viv.
By the time everyone was home, I went back to church to see if they needed help, but somebody had covered for me. Thank you. I'll find out who it was during the next week, no doubt.
On the way back, we saw the Barak Zamar van. Barak Zamar is a band who played at our church a couple of years back and at Avalon Intermediate School on Friday. We may go and see them play tonight, weather and memory permitting.
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