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A new era dawns

The new era is of course the one with an extra hour of daylight in the
evening, taking us to GMT+1, thirteen hours behind NZ.
But it's much the same in every other way. Where has 2009 gone? Almost
a quarter of it will never be seen again. Unfortunately, the same is
also true of billions of dollars.
Bankers now lie about their employers, claiming instead to work for
Huntingdon Life Sciences because they find the abuse is less if they
do that.
As for me, still up far too early, though this week it seems earlier still.
We all seem to be in reasonable shape. Christopher has a week off
chemo for now and has finished school for the term. Matthew is
wrapping up his schooling any time now as A Levels approach and will
most likely end up in either York or Lancaster. David returns from
Sheffield at the end of the week.
And I have an exciting week ahead of me, as we deal with the
possibility of G20 protesters nearby.
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