Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Catch up time

Everyone else is writing in their journals, so I will do the same. Sunday night we did indeed go to see Barak Zamar play and do what it is they do. I've already had some feedback from 617, who is obviously a fan too.
Sunday night after the concert was another curry...
Monday morning saw a hectic week start, with less time available for us to complete the QIS survey than we would prefer. I picked up the latest copy of The Star Wars Factfile and Unlimited. The evening was pretty much wasted by my reinstalling The Sims.
This morning at 8, a meeting I heard about yesterday afternoon at about 4. Just what I wanted, but you don't always get to choose. The BAINZ committee had a lunch at Kopi today to celebrate, among other things, PCR's birthday and John's new baby. And then another late night, while Viv went off to the school board meeting.
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