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Labour Day

Today was a holiday in New Zealand. After the excitement of yesterday, we might have had a day when nothing happened, but that wasn't quite it.
While we were on holiday in Melbourne last year, we had breakfast at our hotel and so we have now taken, on occasions, to go into town and have breakfast at Wellington's Hotel Ibis. It's not the cheapest breakfast in town, but we all like it. Today was one of those days. Members of the family ate and drank some or all of the following: orange juice, apple juice, Milo, coffee, water, muesli, rice bubbles, corn flakes, toast, croissants, pears, prunes, yoghurt, bacon, scrambled egg, hash browns...I think that's everything.
After that, we went to Arbuckle's to buy some towels and similar and also called into Toyworld to see what they had to offer. We returned home at lunchtime, although it was a very light lunch. Tidying and lighting fires in the afternoon, as we took the electric heater back to the store room in recognition of the start of summer.
Later on, I went to the supermarket and we had pizzas from the Pizza Hutt for supper. Viv explained that this is what makes it a holiday for her.
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