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Another day, another $

Another weekend. I touched on the 10cc concert in my last entry. It
was a very good show, with Graham Gouldman as the front man, ably
supported by Rick Fenn and Paul Burgess from the old days, though the
absence of Eric, Lol and Kevin was obvious. All the hits, plus a
couple of others, most importantly including "Feel the Benefit".
Then to Sunday. At short notice, leading the morning service. Then
pizza left over from the previous evening. An afternoon watching "The
Man Who Lost His Head" and then a game of Quiddler. Christopher won
that; I don't remember him winning before. I also don't remember Viv
being in last place, either.
Our biggest medical news is that Christopher can shortly have his
central line removed. This is a thin pipe leading from the outside
world into his bloodstream just by the heart, for ease of delivery of
medication. It also means that baths, swimming, white water rafting
and even wallowing in geothermal pools are banned activities. So he'll
be more "back to normal" as the time progresses. This is part of the
transition from "intensive" treatment to "maintenance", though the end
of treatment is still over two years away.
As for me, it's back to London for two days. Then a few days at home.
But just now, it's time to look through the window at the very green
Cheshire countryside. It reminds me of the Waikato. Whenever an
outsider complained about the weather, man Waikato would always answer
"Yes, but look how *green* everything is!" And as Hawkes Bay was
sometimes brown, you had to admit they had a point.
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