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Seven o'clock news

So it's been another week since I wrote anything here, and frankly
you're lucky to be getting this.
Tuesday evening saw me leave work just after the conference call at 5
and catch up with Viv and Betty for an hour or so before going off to
Euston for the trip north. That ran quite smoothly, though it's been a
drag having six weeks or so of replacement buses between the Liverpool
stations, meaning that most of my trips home have been via Chester.
Anyway, Tuesday night at home was pretty quiet, as indeed was
Wednesday morning. Wednesday night I was able to go to our mission
prayer meeting for the first time in ages. That was a good evening,
though the weather was not by any means kind.
Thursday and it was much better. So much better, in fact, that I took
the opportunity to wash our bed linen, which should hardly be
something worth mentioning here. It's not something I do often,
largely because of how much I hate stuffing the quilt back into its
Anyway, that was most of Thursday. I'm sure I'm missing out vast
tracts of what happened.
Friday morning I went round for a coffee with Angela, Andrew and Ben.
Back home, some sorting out, for Jon was staying overnight. He arrived
around five and we went out for a meal before going home and listening
to a collection of number one hits into the small hours as we caught
up on news and what was happening. He left early on Saturday to go to
Oxford while I served up a late breakfast for Christopher. Jon and I
had already eaten.
On Saturday afternoon, we all went into Birkenhead to watch the new
Star Trek movie. Great movie and effects, but some parts didn't fit
into canon as I understood it, while the USS Enterprise didn't look
quite how I remembered either.
Nobody was very hungry, so we went home and after a while I cooked the
bambi burgers, supported again by potatoes and other vegetables. A
quiet evening again before Sunday.
A morning service with a guest speaker looking at Genesis 6, prayers
by me and communion. In the evening, Dave interviewed an actor and
Philip spoke from Psalm 23.
Very late in the evening, Matthew decided to watch Independence Day
and I decided to leave him to it.
Monday and we went out for a late lunch at Frankie & Benny's, didn't
take in a movie after all and came home.
Very late, Viv got back, and was welcome to interrupt my sleep. Less
welcome was Matthew's call at 3.36 asking if I would cover a taxi fare
and his return a bit later, complaining in no uncertain terms about
his friends who had stiffed him their share of the fare. And an hour
and a half after that, it was time to get up. Yes, I packed my bag
last night, even sorting some socks along the way.
I'm now at Chester station, waiting for the Euston express to leave,
and maybe I'll catch a couple of hours of snooze on the way.

Movies on the list at present
  • Angels & Demons - anti-Church action drama starring a dodgy
    Scientologist. Not entirely sure why it's on the list.

  • Awaydays - violent Thatcher era story of scallies who follow
    Tranmere to the away games for the fights. Only on my list because the
    original novel and the screenplay were written by someone who was in
    my class at high school. I fall short of calling him a schoolfriend.
    Rumour has it that one of the characters in the book was based on me.
    Don't know for sure: haven't read it.
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