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Tube strike

I'll fill in on the rest of the news later. Last night, I went to the
Toastmasters meeting after work, even though I knew this wouldn't make
it easy to get back to Wembley. I'd agreed to be there. So after the
meeting, I flagged down a taxi, which was fairly easy to do. He took
me to Marylebone, where it was easy to catch a Chiltern train to
Wembley Stadium.
Not so straightforward this morning. I caught an earlier train than
usual to Marylebone, where there was no chance of finding available
space on either bus or taxi. A small group walked back up the road,
but to no avail. In the end, we walked along Marylebone Road, Harley
Street and a bit of Oxford Street in order to catch an 8 to
Tonight, we found out that the Jubilee Line was running a limited
service, so I walked to London Bridge with a colleague. The first
train was full, so I'm on the next one. Bond Street and St John's Wood
are closed.
Soon, I'll be near to Wembley, where shortly England will be playing
Andorra. Although the Jubilee Line is just about the only public
transport to Wembley, I don't see many fans on board.
I am not impressed that the Met and the BTP have told Chiltern not to
stop their trains at Wembley, inconveniencing their regular customers
as well as footy fans.
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