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07:18 am: Good morning
Good morning. It seems that my Twitter posts no longer appear here
regularly and I may take the time to find out why. Meanwhile, it's
pretty much been more of the same.
We've moved offices from Bishopsgate to near London Bridge. The
building is pleasant enough, but it's not in the City, where things
In recent weeks, David visited London on his way to Edmonton, AB.
Matthew took a short visit too and Viv was able to spend a couple of
nights in London while Christopher was on a school trip to
France/Belgium to look at battlefields and cemeteries.
Matthew went off to Newquay last week for an end-of-school road trip,
except that these days the boys fly. Manchester to Newquay by air?
What's happening to our world?
Elsewhere, I have caught up with some old friends, some in real life,
some online.
Hard work at the Bank, though possibly not so bad as a few weeks or a
few months ago. Tonight, another night at the start of a week in
Wembley. How about you, my occasional readers? Do any of you ever pass
through or near Wembley, Kensington or London Bridge? Or, perish the
thought, will any of you be in Malta at the end of July/start of

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Date:July 21st, 2009 05:21 pm (UTC)


Definitely won't be in Malta at the end of July or the start of August. The idea of getting down to London doesn't sound very hopeful either. So, I shall wait and catch up with you sometime closer to home. As for Matthew flying to Newquay it beats the horrible 8+ hours in the car we used to do when we were kids, although, only if you like flying! Ben is in France at the moment with the school (coach), but will be going again later in the summer with his friends, that time flying. So, yes, transport has moved on since I was 16 years old! Still, at least when we catch up later in the summer we can do so by walking the very short distance from here to there or from there to here.
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