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06:21 am: More life in a stolen moment
Another day passes. They do that. Tuesday was the monthly London Keble
drinks and I was able to get along to them for the first time in a
Aside from that, it's been a pretty ordinary sort of week. After the
move to Bankside, it's starting to settle down, though I still reckon
Bishopsgate is the place to be.
Tonight, preparation for Sunday morning's service. And a week from
now, it's off to Malta for the lot of us, except for David, who's just
back from Canada. What a travellin' family we are!
I'm not travellin' as I type this, though I should be. I'm on a
Jubilee Line train that's at Southwark, not going anywhere. Though of
course I can't post this till it does! I still don't know why the
automated voice declares the destination in such triumphalist tones:
This train terminates at WILLESDEN GREEEN!!!!!!!!!!1
But for now, I'll be content if it gets to Baker Street.
Guess it will be a quiet evening here, though this time next week
we'll be near to Manchester Airport. This train terminates at
MANCHESTER AIRPORT!!!!!!!!!! Well, maybe they don't say that.
Guess I need to post an itinerary soon.

Current Mood: happyhappy
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