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Thursday night curry

After Mike's farewell drinks, Tim and I disappeared off for a dodgy
curry at the place just by London Bridge underground. It wasn't bad at
all. I had duck tikka massala, something I've never even seen on a
menu before, and it was surprisingly good. A curry house which
previously came with no recommendation at all now therefore carries a
recommendation with the I've-only-been-there-once caveat. Still,
that's a start, and it was good to have an opportunity to get to know
another colleague better.
Now, I'm on the Jubilee Line on my way to Baker Street, Marylebone and
Wembley Stadium, a route I know all to well. It's not nearly so
crowded as it was this morning, so my head is not crushed between an
arrogant suit-wearer who doesn't understand "please move right down
inside the cars" and a carriage door. Green Park. Not long now...
Though again I can't post till I'm above ground. This is not like the
metro in Brussels. Or Barcelona. Bond Street. Green set, £320. Not
worth it. Think instead I'll take a trip to Marylebone Station. £200.
That is all.
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