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Thursday in London

It's quite a shock to realise that I'm back in London. Seven glorious
nights in Malta and a very happy family holiday are at an end. I know
that I've been rather light on details - you need to llok at vivh for details, but it has been a delight to spend time again
in a hot climate, to look at some of Europe's most interesting history
and all in all spend time in a quite different way to the rest of my
days at present.
I'm back into it in a few minutes, however, when I find out how the
bank has been getting on without me, if you see what I mean.
And the weekend will not be quiet either: I will be talking about
Jesus and Nicodemus on Sunday morning. I have heard many sermons about
Nicodemus, but so far as I remember, I have never preached one.
The next leisure adventure isn't till the following weekend, but that
one will be quite different.
But to return to the holiday just finished: Malta. If you have a
chance to visit, take it. You can go there and do something, or go
there and do nothing. If you love snow and ice, however, it's probably
not the place for you. That is all.
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