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09:09 pm: Back to Wembley
I led the service at 9:30 thismorning. Dave preached from Luke 11 about prayer. Then home for alittle while, as the boys and I got ready for the trip south. Half past twelve and we were on our way to Bromborough Station on the way to Chester, Euston, Marylebone and Wembley for an uneventful trip. Once we had dropped our stuff off, it was back into town, where we had a meal at The Living Room. And very good it was too. I had venison wellington. Viv had a lasagne. David had pork in parma ham and the other two had steaks.
Then back to Wembley, with the cold walk from Wembley Park to the hotel. But now, back here where it's a good deal warmer.
Best news of the day - Man U 0 Leeds U 1.

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