Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Cold in London

Back to work on Monday morning. Viv joined me at breakfast, which wasn't a surprise, and the boys also joined me, which was. After that, Viv walked to the station with me and then I went off to the Bank.
It was a busy first day back, but thankfully there weren't too many surprises. I knew what I was expected to do, and I did it. As usual, no details at LJ!
After work, we all went off to Covent Garden. We walked around the West End for a little while before having a bite to eat before going to see "Chicago". It's a pretty good show, with a simple but dramatic/melodramatic story: a fine night out.
In the bar at the interval, I just happened to look up and saw...Peter Barlow, who was with me in Toastmasters in Wellington and who I hadn't seen since. I knew he'd come to London, but I didn't know he was still here. And then back to Wembley.
This morning, only David joined us for breakfast. A rather more exciting day at work...later on, we went to see a movie at Leicester Square. In fact, we went to see "Planet 51", in a very small cinema - three rows, twenty seats...
On our return to Wembley, it had just started snowing here. We hear that it's much worse back up on Merseyside, and we also hear that it will be the worst snow in London for 30 years, or 50 years, or ever depending on who you listen to.
Let's wait and see, shall we?
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