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Quick catchup

I shall continue from where I left off. Friday was a busy day at work, with only a few hours at Bankside before an afternoon back at Bishopsgate. As I walked along Bishopsgate at lunchtime, it started to snow again.
I was fortunate to leave at a decently early time and got back to Wirral after an uneventful journey home. It was good to be home, especially with the whole of the countryside white: there was a possibility that I might not have got there at all. In fact I did get home, but I am afraid that the weekend was not an industrious one. I did a few things over the weekend, but very few, and I apologise to Viv for this: the cold weather and having to start a new year of work, along with everything else, meant that I was not at my best.
On Friday evening, I missed Matthew leaving for the new term: he didn’t have the best journey back to Lancaster, but I suppose when he was waiting over 40 minutes at Preston he would at least have been on a train.
It was cold at church on Sunday morning and cold again in the evening. Fine food over the weekend, better than I deserved.
More snow had fallen overnight to Monday morning, so I crunched through some new snow on my way to the station for another uneventful journey. (Uneventful is good!) Back into it on Monday. More of the same on Tuesday, with the added excitement of a Toastmasters meeting in the evening. With a lower than usual attendance, I was blessed with the joint roles of Grammarian and Table Topics evaluator. This was fairly short notice, but I didn’t need to find a word for the day: “Novel” had already been chosen for me. Three speeches, eleven topics, not a bad meeting. Then back to Wembley. It looked like it was the end of the snow, but we were surprised by even *more* snow in Wembley, Marylebone and Borough this morning. Most of the stuff at work went very smoothly today, so I was back at Wembley again not so long after seven.
The biggest news in the world is the shock of the earthquake in Haiti, which follows years of political turmoil under Baby Doc and his successors and a cyclone in 2008. I shall not attempt to make comment on this.
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