Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Liverpool managed to throw away the lead with a penalty just before time, and managed to lose to Reading, near the bottom of the Championship, in extra time.
Then at the weekend, Stoke City managed to grab a draw in the last minute or two.
This brings me to introduce a new game to you all. It is basically the same game as association football, with 45 minutes in the first half. The only difference is that the second half runs for just 43 minutes. I’m confident that Benitez would give whole hearted support to such a game. The only problem would be getting any support from the rest of the Premiership managers.
Anyway, back to me. On Thursday, Viv was in London for a meeting and so able to catch up with me before going back to the Frozen North. So just before six, we caught up and went off to Nando’s just by Euston Station. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s a South African chain of restaurants serving mainly chicken in a Portuguese style. Viv and I reckoned that it sits in broadly the same sector of the market as Pizza Hut. After a meal there, it was time to catch up with the vagaries of the trains north. Eventually, a suitable train was found and Viv set off for home.
The rest of my evening is described elsewhere. I went back to Wembley and Friday morning saw me go back from Wembley to London Bridge for a full day of work to meet a deadline. A break at lunchtime to get to the City Partnership, followed by a return to work and a late night before returning home. The trains were still subject to delays, but I got one to Liverpool successfully. I just missed a local train home, the next was cancelled and the one after that was late, so I was very late home on Friday night.

The location finder seems to think I'm in Bonn, Germany, while the BlackBerry keeps suggesting places I've never heard of. Not far from Nuneaton is probably about right.
Saturday was a quiet day again, too quiet. I did some of the things I should have done, but spent too long at http://www.freemahjong.org/ by any measure.
Sunday morning, another service. A local lad made good, Simon Chesters, told us about the work of CPAS: growing leaders, growing churches - http://www.cpas.org.uk/ - before Viv and I went home for suitcase sorting and salmon. In the afternoon, Viv, Christopher and I spent (or wasted) time playing on the Wii. I am no good at all.
In the evening, it was back to church, this time to hear Dave’s thoughts on methods for mission.
And now, it’s back to Monday morning again. Christopher is off to school for a GCSE module in Chemistry, with Physics to look forward to later in the week, followed by a visit to the hospital on Thursday for blood tests, a possible change to the daily amount of his mercaptopurine, a new course of steroids and an intravenous vincristine. A week or so ago he had a haircut, something he hasn’t needed for a long time, so a significant thing.
Viv will be doing most of the things she does in an ordinary week, but you’ll need to ask her if you want details. As for me, an hour or so from now, I’ll be in Euston, just after 10 I’ll be at London Bridge. At the moment, I’m expecting to catch up with a colleague for lunch and with another colleague and an ex-colleague after work. These people tend not to have published names in blogs.
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