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03:01 pm: Sunday
The first services of the year: I was leading the 9:30 service, which is the more traditional service. It was hard to get started, as there were so many notices related to the recent deaths in our congregation. I read out a letter from Lawrence, thanking us as a congregation for the support in recent weeks and on Friday at Kathryn's funeral. I also had to tell the congregation of Colin J's death.
The service continued with "Lord for the years your love has kept and guided", which is always a song for the New Year. Dave L spoke to us using words from the prophet Isaiah.
The eleven o'clock family service was a less formal service, and after that we gathered as a family and again went for lunch at the Chronicle, a local establishment that serves steaks and pizzas and stuff.
We're now home and it's only a short couple of hours till we're out again for the evening service. Three services in a day is unusual, but not unknown...

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