Ian (ringbark) wrote,

I'm on the train

Good morning from Chester station.
A fairly quiet weekend. On Saturday, I bought some new shoes. This was
long overdue as there was pretty much no grip left on the old ones.
Yesterday was quiet too. After the morning service, lunch at home, a
turkey roast, and to watch the game. It's hard when the referee seems
to be playing for the home team.
Also, apparently Dalglish spoke out against this in no uncertain
terms. I expect he'll be fined for it.
By far the most exciting game was Stevenage 3 Newcastle United 1. This
was a fascinating game and an amazing result, especially a goal at
each end in the dying minutes.
But now it's up early, back on the train and the regular cycle of bank
regulatory reporting again.
The other thing to note is that I really should finish reading To Kill
a Mockingbird this week.
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