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The fear of looking at one's own journal

And seeing how long it is since a real article was posted.
Certainly seems to have been a while, so let's go through some days quickly. The fact that the WAP telephone client puts incorrect times on postings doesn't make it any easier.
Thursday morning saw another Toastmasters meeting take place, at which I was asked to explain to a five-year-old where milk comes from. For a so-called agricultural nation, I felt that the suspicious looks I was receiving were quite surprising. Perhaps I just have said that you get it from the dairy.
Thursday evening was another Risk Management night out at One Red Dog, although I felt it was not nearly such a good night as the one earlier in the year. Although it was still pretty good.
The usual Friday team weren't around for lunch, so I went to Wholly Bagels where I had a lox and cream cheese on pumpernickel followed by a blueberry naked. If you're a bagel aficionado, you'll be able to translate that. If not, you probably won't. Yes, jaq, sheaj34 and louderback are quite right when they write that most of my journal is food-based when I get stuck for what to say.
Saturday was sports day again, although I wasn't felling very sporting. After a day tidying, this time in the bedroom and hallways, we had a curry from Mr India - see, there I go again!
Telecom New Zealand seem to have got their issue with text messages sorted out, and so I was greeted with three of them this morning:
1. The Wellington weather forecast - too boring to mention to the rest of the world, although the sun is shining brightly as I type this.
2. The fact that England have beaten the All Blacks 31-28 overnight (yes, I know it didn't seem like overnight to most of you)
3. The score in the Middlesbrough v Liverpool game. There is no need for jiggery_pokery to make any comment about this.
Coming up next: breakfast...
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