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Let's take another run at this one

I typed a long entry for the journal last night, and just as I pressed the update button, the whole system hung up and I lost everything. I wasn't of a mind to type it all again, so it was lost until now. I will reconstitute yesterday's entry as well as I am able, and add something of today's adventures.
Monday was a very windy morning, but the sun shone brighter as the day continued. By the time evening had come, it was a fairly ordinary sort of day, and the thundery showers we were promised did not happen.
I left early to go to Taita College, where David was having his interview before joining the school. Neither Viv, nor David, nor I had any questions of any great depth to ask the senior teacher, but a chance comment triggered a conversation about Vanuatu. It seems that she visits Vanuatu on a regular basis, and that she was there on January 4th when the big earthquake hit Port Vila. She had some stories to tell, but that wasn't the time to be telling them. We have stories about cyclones too. Maybe another time. However, it seems from what she said that the city has improved in terms of the amenities provided over the past few years. We can't wait to get there for another visit, but I suspect it will be a couple of years yet.
The questions about Liverpool and Everton come from jiggery_pokery who wanted to know about the two teams. Yes, the religious divide is alive and well and living in Liverpool, just as it is in Manchester (City/Scum), Glasgow (Celtic/Rangers), Edinburgh (Hibs/Hearts) and probably several others too. The Everton Valley is a more working class and more Catholic part of the city, although most of the city contains representatives from both sides of the Tiber.
Liverpool has an Anglican cathedral and a Catholic cathedral. These are, as is now fairly well known, to be found at opposite ends of Hope Street. There was some amusement years ago when the Anglican bishop was a Shepherd while the Catholic archbishop was a Warlock, although this reflected only their surnames.
Tuesday had little of any great significance to offer. It's the day that I collect The Economist from my post office box, but as I have not yet finished last week's issue, this is not necessarily a good thing. Part of the reason for falling behind is the fact that I read the whole of the supplement about "Migration".
Finally, a mathematical puzzle, due to H.E. Dudeney. Consider an athlete running round a circular track of radius T. As he runs, he is drinking beer, and on each lap, he sups a quantity of S. Altogether, he runs round the track N times. Show that the amount he consumes is always one quart, independent of the length of the run.
Tomorrow, Attack of the Clones is released on video, but the boys won't be watching it as they will be at a birthday dessert party instead.
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