Ian (ringbark) wrote,

25 years

On Sunday, I celebrated 25 years as a Reader in the Anglican Church. In January 1988, on a cold night in Birmingham, +Mark admitted me as a Reader and licensed me to the Parish of St Giles, Sheldon, in the Diocese of Birmingham and the Province of Canterbury. Since then, I have served as Reader at St James, Mahora in the Diocese of Waiapu and in the province of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia and most recently at St Andrew, Bebington, in the Diocese of Chester and the Province of York.
It has been a privilege to do this, and I hope to continue for most if not all of the next 25 years. If anyone reading this does not understand what it means, broadly a Reader can do most of the things a vicar can do, except for communion, weddings and pronouncing the Absolution, a particular prayer. But to continue for anything for 25 years is apparently an achievement these days. I am pleased to have done so, and also pleased to have had the support of my wife Viv for all that time too.
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