Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Football results

I know that a great many of the readers here don't really care about football, but just occasionally it is time to write a few words. To be honest, I'm not sure where my interest in football starts sand stops, and where it is just the experience of the spectacle and the travel. Certainly watching a game of 90 minutes makes for a better travel experience than it would if I followed cricket overseas. Five days following my team and no time to visit the surrounding city? No, thanks.
Anyway, the results from the weekend. Good reading for me, as liverpool and Everton both won. The shock of the FA Cup 3rd Round (the first round with the big name teams) was the loss by Manchester United at home to Swansea. I haven't found anyone yet who was disappointed by this, as there's no love lost between the two cities so far as the game is concerned. The other surprise at the weekend was the five-nil victory of Nottingham Forest over West Ham. I remember Forest's glory days, now long gone but perhaps about to return.
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