Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Places I've lived - 3

Once I had a contract in London and was committed to commuting between Bromborough and London each week, the question arose of where I might stay during the week. I explored various possibilities, but a hotel during the week that I could just walk away from on Friday morning was the best fit for what I wanted to do.
Paradoxically, one of the cheapest areas for hotels proved to be Kensington, one of London's heaviest suburbs, but even that was rather more than I wanted to pay. So began my long relationship with Wembley, first at the Wembley Plaza, briefly at the Ibis and then at the New Hilton London Wembley.
Overall, I've probably spent more nights in Wembley than I spent in Port Vila, so I will certainly count it. Wembley is also the place that changed me from indifferent about international football to being an enthusiastic fan. I first ventured into the Stadium for the England v Egypt friendly, and was immediately enthralled. As I have said a number of times, it was when I was getting on the plane to Copenhagen that I thought to myself "this is getting out of hand." Still, I haven't done anything ridiculous (checks notes) - unless you count a weekend in Oslo...or Sofia...or Rio Dr Janeiro. Looking back, I might have been better off if I had chosen a hotel in London that was slightly dearer but not next to an alluring stadium.

Ask me anything else. More details on this stuff on request.

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