Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wednesday - AOTC released

Usual sort of day. Got to town and bought Attack of the Clones. Did the usual stuff for the day. Had a Subway sandwich for lunch - haven't done that for a while. Back for the afternoon, got my HOD to sign off my expenses, which somehow slipped through the net while I was away.
I seemed to spend half the day walking between the offices in Victoria Street and Featherston Street, but it was probably less than half an hour in total (three return trips).
Once I was home, it was AOTC for Christopher and Matthew while we waited for David to come back from softball practice, and then David and Matthew went off to a dessert party from which they have just returned. Christopher watched the rest of the movie, Viv went out to a debate discussion.
I can't believe that I'm downloading the demo of Age of Mythology - it is 345,286 kilobytes, and that's a large file for a dialup connection to download. OK, so it's a large file for any connection to download.
I remember back in the 1980s how rude we were about a salesman who had managed to sell a system to a customer which had no removable media devices at all (no removable disc drives, tape drives...) because it meant we couldn't get software or data on or off the machine. These days, it would scarcely be an issue.
In other news, I loaded some new user pictures. They may not all last. A forthcoming post will describe their meanings.
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