Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Very rainy Saturday morning, Armageddon

On Thursday, I didn't taka n active part in the Toastmasters meeting. Lunch was a fairly quiet event too. Viv took David out to music practice and got some forms filled in and delivered before picking him up and bringing him home. I finished downloading Age of Mythology and deiscovered than it requires 96MB of memory to play. So I wasted my time downloading over 300MB down a phoneline. Pity.
Friday wasn't busy either out of work, although the morning was a solid block of meetings. Andrew and I went to Chicago for lunch - don't know what richard was doing. After work, Sarah was saying goodbye to friends from one part of the bank, as she moves to another department on Monday.
So to this morning, which is cold and miserable, with rain such as cancels Saturday games. Viv and the boys have been playing mancala and I will join them in a minute. Later on, we will probably be going to the Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo in Wellington.
Oh, and I booked a holiday for us for the Easter break.
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