Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Lincoln County Road

Working through Tuesday, although it seemed that almost nothing happened as I expected. The BAINZ committee meeting was moved to Wednesday as one of our members couldn't make Tuesday (but can't make Wednesday after this week, so it will be on Thursday next week...confused yet?). Tuesday evening saw the combined meeting of the Bankers and the TMA, or at least should have done. I met Kevin, the exec officer of the Banking Institute by the lift and we set off, to find the TMA AGM was in full swing. Although supposed to be finished by 5:30, they still hadn't broken by 6, so we went off home, after drinking some of the wine and eating some of the nibbles provided. The waiter was just as bewildered and seemed to think he could be paid for just standing around for an hour.
This meant I was able to catch an early train up to the Hutt valley and be on time for the Vestry meeting instead of late, and so I was. The meeting of Vestry ran relatively smoothly, all things considered, and closed just after 10 as usual.
Wednesday is something of a blank, when most of the normal things happened: work, rest and play.
Thursday morning and the weekly Toastmasters meeting. I was scheduled to be the assistant sergeant-at-arms, welcomer of guests. We had two guests this week, and two speeches. Rachel, a lady originally from Chester, gave her ice-breaker, the first speech from the first manual, in which she spoke about three interviews that had changed her life. This was followed by a disappointing speech by Peter, in which he attempted to describe how STV works. I was also given the job of evaluating the Table Topics, which saved me from the risk of having to give a short impromptu speech myself - just a longer, almost impromptu evaluation of the other punters.
Thursday was also the third Thursday in November and that means Beaujolais! I invited some of my work colleagues to join me for the new wine and some French bread after work on Thursday, and those who knew what it was all about did so, while others missed out. After this, Ian, who I used to work with, took me on to the Woodward wine bar, where a very large Beaujolais party was staking place. We had some more there. I was fascinated by how many of the people there knew him. I think being recognised by staff and customers alike at a wine bar is a very bad sign.
The cuisine changed direction as we had pizza for tea, and changed again as one of them was a Chicken Tandoori pizza. Pizza Hut seemed to be offering a tandoori pizza better than the one from One Red Dog referred to last month, which is certainly a surprise.
Friday lunch, on the other hand, was no surprise, as I had the all day breakfast at Chicago, almost my usual. We might have gone to a curry house, but the curry team don't seem to be able to get started on time. I had a meeting I needed to get back for, so we went off to Chicago, which is much closer to my office.
The Youth group at church has closed for the year (seems early to me) and the leaders and their spouses were invited to dinner at the Thai restaurant in Upper Hutt. This was pretty good. The dishes were many and varied, and he bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau was appreciated by those who shared it.
We'd forgotten to record Blue Heelers, but caught the end of it when we got home. That's about it so far. The weather is fine today. However, Matthew's team has a bye! He's home, not playing cricket, while Viv is at Fraser Park with David playing softball and Christopher playing t-ball.
When they return, it's off to town. Small prize for anyone who can make sense of this morning's subject line.
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