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The week in and out of focus

Well, things didn't run entirely to plan this week, but there are really no major pieces of excitement at all. Things like my lunch on Tuesday being cancelled and replaced by a cup of coffee on Monday morning instead.
Monday evening had Viv chairing a Toastmasters meeting, as she remembered on Monday morning. I also received a phone call on Monday or Tuesday lunchtime to ask me if I could evaluate Table topics at our meeting, which I agreed to do, before realising that that had been my task last week too. Never mind, this is the sort of thing that happens occasionally.
Matthew and Christopher had a barbecue for the "Gifted Kids" programme last night, to which we were all invited and we all went there. David thought that he would miss out on it because there was supposed to be a midweek softball game on. When the weather has been poor at weekends, midweek games are arranged. However, I cannot ever remember one of these taking place and indeed the weather last night was no exception. After the sausages and orange juice, big people called in for a light curry on the way home.
A pity that the windscreen wipers were not working to the standard one might have expected, but they seem to be fine again now.
This morning, as I said, a Toastmasters meeting, where Julian gave his second speech, speaking in favour of the legalisation of hemp, an echo of my second speech way back in 1996 when I dealt with largely the same subject.
Mr. Locksmith is coming to visit us tomorrow to sort out the key broken off in our front door lock.
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