Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Weekend: Potter, curry, resignation

Friday morning, nothing away from the normal, as I set off to work. I arrived at work and went through the usual Friday morning things, while the morning continued with more detailed work on the Quantitative Impact Survey. Throughout writing this stuff, I feel I am walking a tightrope, afraid of falling into the chasm of boring my readers, giving away privileged information or saying nothing. So I will move on.
At lunchtime, I left to go to the Iserve product launch. Iserve is the company which hosts my web domains, which at present are http://baptism.co.nz which has content and is in need of updating, http://halliday.co.nz which supports e-mail addresses and http://johns.org.nz for our church, also content-free at present. Iserve were promoting a new domain management system, but I will have to look carefully at whether I will use the features of this new system. The most important thing was that they gave us refreshments afterwards.
I got home to find a shiny new lock on the front door, more silvery in colour than the old one, which was more like brass. I'll be getting some new keys cuts this week.
On Saturday, it was a fine day, so games of t-ball, cricket and softball went ahead. After that we went to the Embassy to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, referred to in future as COS. Based in the same setting as the first film, there were of course many similarities, but I would say that overall, it was a worthwhile movie. Thanks to one of my LJ friends who said it was important to stay till the end of the credits. If it was you, please comment so that I can acknowledge you. Thought it was either lexin or jiggery_pokery but I don't see it in a quick look at either of your journals. Edit: An acknowledgement and thank you to zorac. Cheers and thanks! Not sure it was worth waiting through such l_o_n_g credits for such a short gag. Apart from us, only two other groups in the cinema were waiting for it, so obviously this hasn't been well announced in New Zealand. They were well into cleaning the cinema by the time we got to it. This now means I have spent more time talking about the last thirty seconds than about the rest of the film.
After the movie, it was up to Trentham to see Andrew and Christine, who we were taking out for dinner. We had a lovely time at Mr India, and I'll post to dinner later with details. The conversation stretched far and wide, with much reminiscence of Vanuatu and times past and looking to the future.
This morning at church, an inspiring service, followed by Andrew's resignation as vicar. Their last day with us will be Christmas Day, although they will be taking leave until early February. Wait and see - watch this space.
Afterwards, Viv went off to a barbecue, David went to a friend's house for tea. We're now in that "after tea" part of the day.
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